Veritas Sanctuary: Birth of Vintage to Raise Aesthetics to Rise of Antiques

We are vintage & beauty hunters who enjoys aesthetically pleasing venusian items & work of fine art of the home & living decor. We emerged in 2015 in response to showcase the aesthetics of the esoteric nature of home & living decor we enjoy vintage, antiques & aesthetically pleasing work of fine art & high end upscale versatile decorative items ranging from ancient to modern times. We enjoy all things with class & elonquence our product catalouqe is highly versatile ranging from jewellery to wall paintings but we specialize on home & living decor. We truly believe your environment can affect your mental & emotional state of being so we strive to enlighten your environment. We are highly educated individuals with intensive knowledge on the venusian arts & every item on our site we offer free shipping yes free shipping!. Unfortunately for now we do not offer international shipping but that may soon change.  For customer inquiries we can be reached at thank you for viewing & enjoy.




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